TECNASA Tecnologías Aerospaciales S.A.

TECNASA Tecnologías Aerospaciales S.A. has designed, manufactured and supplied high technical value rubber and silicone parts since 1999.


Our industrial activity is focused on the Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry, Oil & Gas, CPI (Chemical Processing Industry), Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory Equipment.

Martin-Baker Aircraft, world leading manufacturer of ejecting seats for fighter planes, is one of our most prestigious customers. Martin-Baker ejecting seats are currently used by more than 90 Air Forces worldwide, and thanks to that, more than 7.000 lives are saved. TECNASA is a reliable supplier for Martin-Baker factories located in England, United States and Italy. The parts manufactured by TECNASA are assembled in many fighter planes such as Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, JPATS, US NAVY NACES (Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat), Saab Gripen or Hawk.

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  • Maxam
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  • Faes Farma
  • Qualicaps
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  • Histocell
  • CTA

TECNASA is also the first Spanish manufacturer and supplier for the 5th Generation fighter plane Joint Strike Fighter F-35 (JSF). Together with Martin-Baker we have developed a new firing handle specially designed to meet all the requirements of this plane. Additionally, TECNASA manufactures the O-rings assembled into the ejecting seat gas circuit allowing the correct ignition and subsequent ejection of the seat.

TECNASA is certified according to standards ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN 9100:2018 for the aeronautic sector. We have a laboratory available with the necessary instruments to carry out any standard test concerning rubber parts. Our artificial vision equipment let us review all our parts dimensional and superficially, guaranteeing an excellent quality level.

TECNASA has developed a continuous improvement innovative culture to keep on growing into the sector and making our market position stronger. Having this intention in mind, we have strived to manufacture parts with perfluoro-elastomers rubbers (FFKM). These type of rubbers stand out thanks to their excellent chemical and thermal resistance and can be used in adverse weather conditions for several hours, something that was previously unattainable.

TECNASA adapts to your needs, contributing our knowledge and experience to meet the strictest requirements. TECNASA gets involved in the complete process, from materials development, through tooling design, to the manufacturing of the finished part, allowing us to meet all our customers expectations.